Fence Letterbox Guide

Fence Letterbox Guide

Not sure what letterbox is best for your front yard fence? Don't worry, this guide will explain all your options and what works best. From standard letterboxes to multibanks and custom faceplates, you have a lot of choice to work with to get your house popping.


The Superior is our most popular letterbox by far, because it is suitable for basically every fence style out there including...

  • Wood Picket
  • Wood Slat
  • Metal Tubular
  • Metal Slat
  • Metal Sheet
  • PVC
  • Emu Wire*
  • Brush**

* An extra supportive frame is needed within the wire. We do not make or supply these. See below. 

**Consult a brush fencing specialist for appropriate installation method. See our Brush Fence Letterbox Guide for more info. 

It comes with a standard A4 landscape slot and faceplate that will look great in any application. The faceplate is 390mm wide by 190mm high while its box is 340mm wide, 140mm high and 240mm deep. It's a compact and minimal design that won't look out of place.

To install, simply attach the rear flange/brace (included) to the backside of the fence. Then cut out the section of fence inside this area. Your box will then slip straight through the open hole. You can then attach the box to the brace via two screw holes on the top and bottom. 

See our fence letterbox installation guide

For Emu Wire fences, you will need a supportive frame for the box to attach too. This is simply because the wire is too thin and week to hold the weight of a letterbox on its own. See below. 

superior letterbox in emu fence

Superior in Emu Wire fence with wooden frame to support weight. 


It can be powder coated to suit any colour fence, or in a contrasting colour depending on your preference. Check out our Colorbond colour guide to see what colours might suit your application. 

Numbers can be bolted on in gold, black or silver, or stuck on as vinyl or stainless steel, to further fine tune your letterbox style. 

superior letterbox metal tube fence

Superior in Metal Tubular Fence

superior letterbox in picket fence

Picket Fence Superior

superior letterbox in metal slat fence

Superior in Metal Slat Fence

superior letterbox good neighbour fence

Superior Letterbox in Good Neighbour Fence

Custom Faceplates

Want your street number and address to have a little more flair? We've got the choice for you. 

You can either pick from one of our pre designed custom faceplates that we have recognised to be most popular over the years, or contact us with custom dimensions and designs to see what we can do for you.

Our pre designed options range in size, layout and style. 

These faceplates are stuck onto a no front Superior box, so installation is the same as the above.  

Play around with different fonts, backing plates colours, finishes and materials, layouts and more. 

Stainless Steel Custom Faceplate with Black Backing Plate


Multibanks are larger bulk units with several conjoined letterboxes. Generally they are installed on posts or into big thick brick walls, but if small enough, can be put into certain fences. 

If you're looking to put your Multibank in a fence for your business or apartment block, we would recommend having a vertical layout, so 4 boxes up and 1 wide, rather than the opposite. This makes for better structural makeup and puts less stress on the fence.

Although it can be done, picket fence multibanks aren't highly advised. Most would go in a metal tubular fence to ensure that it can hold the extra weight of several boxes. 

Multibank in Metal Fence

Multibank in Metal Fence

Fence Mounted Letterboxes

So there you have it, plenty of options to choose from for your fence mounted letterbox. Check out our full range of fence and wall letterboxes, or contact us today for information and quotes. 

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