Colorbond Letterbox Powder Coat Colour Guide

Colorbond Letterbox Powder Coat Colour Guide

One huge advantage of us manufacturing all our letterboxes in house is that we have access to a wide range of powder coat colours. 

Most of which are from the illustrious catalogue of COLORBOND colours. Nearly every fence, gutter, roof or garage door in Australia is one of these classic and recognisable colours, so it only makes sense that we make our letterboxes to match. 

If you're stuck wondering what colour is right for you and your house, check out our guide below on all the colours and how they can stand out in your front yard. We've grouped them into similar tones and hues so you get a good idea of what the colour groups look like. 

Earthy Colours

These are the colours that are going to suit well in areas with dense greenery, natural surrounds and earthy tones. They are generally darker, deeper and richer in colour and are around the green and brown spectrum.

colorbond earth colours

As you can see below, a colour like Cottage Green may not strike you as all that attractive, but when used correctly with matching surroundings and the appropriate house, it works well.

cottage green kooyonga

Cottage Green Kooyonga

Manor Red is one of those colours that can appear a lot lighter than it actually is if the light hits it correctly. This can give it some life and provide a healthy contrast between green and brown earthy tones with a more striking red. 

manor red parcel box

Manor Red Parcel Box

Sandy Tones

These are perfect for living near the beach, somewhere summery and bright or out in the dusty country. That's not to say these won't be right at home in urban or natural environments either. They are probably the most versatile of the bunch. 

colorbond sandy colours

Surfmist is an off white that contrasts well with darker colours like black and dark grey. It can be seen in a lot of modern applications for this reason. Surfmist looks like a normal white in the right light, such as outside, but can look a little greyish inside or under dull lighting. 

surfmist vandal resist

Surfmist Vandal Resist

Classic Cream is a staple on most suburban streets, especially those that are of heritage. It matches well with red brick houses and is a common paint colour for fences and front verandas.

classic cream grange

Classic Cream Grange

Grey & Black Colours

A full third of Colorbond's catalogue is some form of grey, which tells you how popular and in-fashion greys are for exterior design. Most modern built houses feature some form of grey and it matches well with most urban built environments like CBDs or inner city suburbs. 

colorbond grey colours

Black is by far the most common colour we produce in letterboxes. Black will always be black - versatile, contrasts well with just about everything and looks good everywhere. 

night sky horizontal pillar

Satin Black (Night Sky) Horizontal Pillar

When the light hits a Basalt powder coat just the right way, it can give off a nice soft tone. This goes for any of the greys, which is why they are so popular. 

Basalt Multibank

Basalt Multibank


Choosing the Right Colorbond Colour for your Letterbox

Don't let the colour of your letterbox be too daunting. Remember the basics - match it with the trim on your house. This means the gutters, roof lining, garage or fence colour. These should ideally all contrast the actually colour of the house brick or render. 

With Colorbond's great range, it's hard to go wrong. It's important to note that we can do a lot of other powder coat colours beyond the Colorbond catalogue, you just need to contact us and enquire. 

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