Warranty Policy


All Heatlie letterboxes have a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee. Locks have a 1 year warranty.

Upon the event of any problems, we require you to contact us with pictures, proof of purchase receipts and a thorough explanation of the problem. See full returns policy below.

What is not covered?

Products & Installation

This warranty does not cover improper installation done by an installer other than Heatlie Letterboxes. The policy also does not cover general daily wear & tear, misuse or field repairs by the customer/and or user.

No guarantee can be made for the powder coat warranty where certain weather conditions such as extreme heat, rain or seaside air causes part discolouration, damage caused by use of abrasive cleaners, bleach or other harmful chemicals or where atmospheric pollution can make an impact. Rust and corrosion are not covered under warranty as they are situational due to the above mentioned conditions.

Warranty does not cover lost or misplaced keys. Locks must be lubricated every 6 months or the warranty is invalid.


We do not guarantee that our letterboxes are waterproof but they do conform to ‘Water Resistant’ conditions. Whilst we endeavour to make all boxes as weather resistant as possible with weatherhoods, boxes can be subject to certain geographic conditions such as high winds & rains. Some leakage may occur through folds, doors or even the slot – we also advise keeping junk mail away from slot. Junk mail can sometimes act as a funnel for rain, which runs directly into the box.


Although we manufacture our letterboxes from high quality, thick aluminium to discourage vandalism, our warranty does not cover damage caused by members of the public.


Heatlie Letterboxes carries insurance for all goods freighted. Once goods are set down at designated drop off point, they are no longer insured by Heatlie Letterboxes. Therefore, the customer needs to give clear instructions on where goods are to be delivered. Heatlie Letterboxes is not responsible for any goods lost, stolen or damaged after they have been signed over to the customer, their designated person or dropped at a stop instructed by the customer, (except in the event of damage which has occurred whilst being freighted as outlined below).

If no person is available to sign or no instructions have been left for the drop off of goods, then the goods may be taken back to the nearest depot and cost to retrieve goods will be the responsibility of the customer. Heatlie Letterboxes packages all goods appropriately to avoid and or minimize any damage being sustained during freight. Unfortunately, damage can occur which is beyond our control. It is the customer's responsibility to look over the goods when signing for delivery and making a note on the delivery cartnote of any damage they perceive.

In the event that no damage was perceived, and the customer has acknowledged that the goods have been delivered in good order and condition. It is the customer's responsibility to unwrap and inspect goods within the first 48 hours of taking delivery. If damage is evident, the customer must notify Heatlie Letterboxes within this set time, in writing, outlining all damage sustained, accompanied by photographic evidence to this effect.

Heatlie Letterboxes, require the goods to be repacked by the customer to an adequate standard for freight. In most cases, Heatlie Letterboxes will have damaged goods refreighted back to our factory, where goods will be inspected. In cases where claim of damage is proven - replacement of same will be sent back to customer. All goods must be returned in same condition as sent, except for damage sustained in freight. Claims of damage are limited to damage to goods only.

Heatlie Letterboxes does not cover any consequential loss or damage suffered by the customer as a result of the damage of goods.

Ordered Goods

It is the customer's responsibility to check over their goods within 48 hours of receiving them to ensure that the item/items are exactly what was ordered. Faulty items need to be sent back to Heatlie Letterboxes.

Heatlie Letterboxes, require the goods to be repacked by the customer to an adequate standard for freight. In most cases, Heatlie Letterboxes will have goods refreighted back to our factory, where goods will be inspected. All goods must be returned in same condition as sent. Heatlie Letterboxes will view and determine if item is faulty or not what was ordered. If the item is deemed to be in good working order, not damaged and represents what was ordered then the cost of freight will be at the customer's expense.

Change of mind and not liking what was ordered from the website is not deemed as sufficient for return or refund. If Heatlie Letterboxes is notified within 48 hours of customer receiving goods and an item is deemed to be either faulty or not what was ordered, then Heatlie Letterboxes will make all reasonable efforts to correct the situation.


Your package should arrive securely wrapped. If this is not the case please take a photo and contact us immediately. 


Verify: The model, colour, number and lock type match your order.  

Count: Ensure the number of items matches your order.

Check: If you ordered keys with your letterbox, make sure they are included. 


Inspect: All items for defects or damage. 

If defects or damage has occured:

Notify letterboxes@heatlie.com.au within 48 hours of delivery being made to ensure we are able to act promptly. Include detailed photos, details of what has occurred and the sales invoice/order number.

WE WILL NOT ACCEPT any claims for damaged goods after 10 days from receipt of goods. Goods must be installed and used within 8 weeks of receipt. 

 Finally, enjoy using your new letterbox!