Custom Letterbox Faceplate Guide

  • by Daniel Wood

Heatlie Letterboxes has a unique ability to custom make letterbox faceplates to your liking. This is due to our in-house water jet cutting machine which we can program to cut out a piece of aluminium or stainless steel. 

How does water jet cutting work?

Water jet cutting is basically a sped up erosion process. The same way a river cuts away at its banks and creates wild and crazy shapes, our water jet cutting machine uses water and sand to slice through pure metal. The difference is it's way quicker and we can control what it actually cuts out through a computer program. 

How do I order a custom faceplate?

If you've seen our custom faceplate page, you'll know that there are lots of options to pick from.

To get started, simply select one of the preset template options. From here you will need to select all your customisations which we will go in depth on below.

Once we receive order confirmation and payment, we will do a concept drawing based on your desired design. We then email this to you. This is your chance to reply with any tweaks or changes. Once you're 100% happy with the design and give us the go ahead, the job will go out to our workshop.

The lead time for custom faceplates is generally in 3-4 week range, however nothing is guaranteed and it could be a lot shorter or longer depending on how many jobs we have lined up. 

What customisation choices do I have?

It wouldn't be right calling it a "custom faceplate" if we didn't give you options. Basically every element is customizable within reason.

Size and Letterbox

Our preset templates give you a multitude of options for the size of your faceplate. Some are elongated horizontally, some square and some rectangular vertically. These options that we provide as set templates on our website are by far the most popular designs we have. 

The type of letterbox you get behind the faceplate also dictates the size. We offer the Superior and Telescopic in Landscape widths, which will fit an A4 sheet of paper at landscape orientation, as well as the Telescopic Portrait which is a bit narrower, accepting an A4 sheet of paper at portrait width. 

Check the description of the product pages for the dimensions of each faceplate.

Horizontally long stainless steel faceplate

Material and Colour

We offer our faceplates in two materials, stainless steel or a powder coated aluminium. Stainless steel obviously can't be coloured, and gives you a nice shiny, modern style. Our aluminium plates can be powder coated in any Colorbond steel colour, enabling you to match your faceplate up with your fence, garage door, gutters or roof if you wish.

Most people don't stray far from the basic colours like Satin black and Deep Ocean blue, so be adventurous!

Stainless Steel faceplate with Monument backing plate. 

Numbers and Street Name

Here's the part where the water jet actually gets involved. You can choose to have just your street number, your street number and name, or just your street name if your number is already displayed elsewhere. You can then choose how it is written, ie. capitals, no capitals, it's up to you.

Monument with Surfmist backing plate with street number and name


Select one of our three tried and tested fonts, Arial, Century Gothic and Times New Roman. We know these look good, and that they work well on our water jet machine. 

Shale grey with Times New Roman Font

Backing Plate

Since the water jet machine literally cuts the shape of the number or letter out, it leaves an empty hole that may not be visible on every backing. That's why we offer a coloured backing plate so your numbers and letters stand out amongst the faceplate, and your wall or fence. These backing plates are available in Satin Black, Monument and Surfmist, giving you options for any coloured faceplate. You can also have no faceplate if the colour of your wall is already contrasting enough. 

Satin white with Black Backing Plate

Rain hood Direction

This dictates which way the rain hood on the mail slot sits. External is generally the more popular option, but the choice is up to you. 

External Rainhood

Internal Rainhood


Choose between a key lock with two keys, or a latch that a padlock can be attached to. 

Australian Made Custom Letterbox Faceplates

There you have it, all the details on how to customise and order your own letterbox faceplate. Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration for how you'd like your letterbox faceplate to look.

If you're in the market, head over to our custom faceplate product page to place an order or give us a call, or email to discuss the options further.


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