Custom Faceplate Options Guide

  • by Daniel Wood

When it comes to our custom faceplates, we offer a set range of designs for you to choose from. 

These designs are based on what we observed to be the most popular among customers, looks the best, and are practical and straightforward to manufacture. 

We offer these designs with the hope of encompassing all the different styles of letterbox faceplates that anyone would want.

They still retain customisation aspects though, with almost everything within the set template being up to your choice. Check out how you can customise your faceplate in our other blog, our custom faceplate guide

The purpose of this post is to showcase our options and give you a run down on what we offer with some examples. 

Option 1


Landscape: 390w x 200h

Portrait: 290w x 200h

Option 1 is only slightly larger than a standard faceplate (390/290w x 190h), being 10mm higher. Unlike a standard faceplate however, it gives you the ability to have a water jet cut out number. 

This plate is generally best for when you don't care to display your street name. It is number centric and doesn't leave a whole lot of room for both the number and street name.  

custom letterbox faceplate satin black


Size: Landscape

Colour: Satin Black

Backing Plate: Surfmist

Font: Times New Roman

Rainhood: External

Option 2


Landscape: 390w x 250h

Portrait: 290w x 250h

This option keeps a similar principle to Option 1, but allows extra room for your street name. It generally looks best centered, but with any of our designs, simply place a note in the comments if you would like it aligned to the left or right. 

heatlie letterboxes custom faceplate option 2 monument


Size: Landscape

Colour: Monument

Backing Plate: Surfmist

Font: Century Gothic

Rainhood: Internal

Option 3


Landscape: 390w x 450h

Portrait: 290w x 350h

Option 3 goes for a much more elongated vertical style, giving room for 3 lines of your address. This is handy for long street names and similarly vertically elongated pillars and walls. 

heatlie letterboxes custom letterbox faceplate option 3 stainless steel

Size: Landscape

Colour: Stainless Steel

Backing Plate: Monument

Font: Arial

Rainhood: External

Option 4 & 5


Landscape: 650w x 220h

Portrait: 550w x 220h

These two are the same design, but one facing each direction. With a wider plate, it allows the number to be put on full display, while still giving the street name some room to shine. These work well on a large open space like a brick or rendered wall, or a long picket fence.

heatlie letterboxes custom letterbox faceplate satin white

Size: Portrait

Colour: Satin White

Backing Plate: Satin Black

Font: Arial

Rainhood: External


heatlie letterboxes custom letterbox faceplate stainless steel

Size: Landscape

Colour: Stainless Steel

Backing Plate: Satin Black

Font: Century Gothic

Rainhood: Internal

Option 6


Landscape: 390w x 390h

Portrait: 290w x 290h

Option 6 is a fully square style and is quite versatile in terms of where it will look good. While number and letter sizes can be played with, generally it wont fit both the street name and street type if it is a long street name, but it is common for customers to choose to just have the street name and omit the 'Street' or 'Ave'. 

Heatlie letterboxes custom letterbox faceplate shale grey

Size: Landscape

Colour: Shale Grey

Backing Plate: Satin Black

Font: Times New Roman

Rainhood: External

Custom Sizes

Beyond our set templates, we can still do face plates cut to custom sizes. This is handy if you have a fence or wall that is restricting you size wise.

This just means that you'll have to notify us of the custom dimensions. They still need to fit inside certain parameters such as...

  • No bigger than 700w x 700h 
  • No smaller than 290w x 190h

This is due to manufacturing restrictions as well as Australia Post regulations on letterbox sizes.

Custom sizes can still be ordered online, just by selecting the most similar option and noting the desired dimensions in the order comments. 

Quality Australian Made Custom Faceplates

Got a question about our custom faceplates and how the process works? Check out our custom faceplate guide here, or you can email or call us any time.

Below are a few real life installed examples of a couple of these options. Please note that some of these may have slightly different dimensions to our set templates.

custom letterbox faceplate option 3 stainless steel

Option 3 Landscape, Stainless Steel

custom letterbox faceplate option 5 stainless steel

Option 5 Landscape, Stainless Steel

custom letterbox faceplate option 2 landscape

Option 2 Landscape, Powder Coated Satin Black

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