Surfmist Letterboxes

For a high quality Surfmist letterbox, Heatlie is here to help!

Surfmist is an Aussie favourite, and a very popular choice for letterboxes. It has fantastic versatility and often changes personalities under different lighting. Use a Surfmist letterbox to contrast against a different coloured fence or wall like below. Putting Surfmist against a darker colour will accentuate it's whiter tones, while against lighter colours, it can almost take on a light grey, off white-cream colour. 

We have Surfmist letterboxes suitable for building to fences and walls, as well as post mounted freestanding units. Check out our range today to find your font yard's next centrepiece!

surfmist fence letterbox

Superior in Surfmist in Metal Tube Fence 


surfmist telescopic portrait box

Telescopic Portrait in Surfmist with Bolt On Black Number

vandal resist surfmist

Vandal Resist Surfmist


Fence & Wall Letterboxes

No matter your kind of fence or wall, we have a letterbox solution for you. Choose from standard fixed depth boxes suitable for fences, or telescopic boxes suitable for deeper walls.

Australian Made Letterboxes

Find the next centerpiece of your front garden, so you can be the envy of your street!