Monument Letterboxes

For a high quality Monument letterbox, look no further. All our letterboxes are made right here in Australia, and are powder coated in-house using a wide range of Colorbond colours including the ever popular Monument.

Monument is an Aussie favourite and can be seen on nearly every second house these days. It's a beautiful shade of grey that is flexible and versatile in most any application and contrasts well against lighter colours.

Whether you need a built in fence letterbox, or a letterbox suitable to go in a brick wall we have something to suit. We also make a range of high quality post mounted letterboxes. 

Check out our range today to find your new Monument letterbox!

Custom Faceplate in Monument matching the garage door and roller shutters.  


Monument Pillar

monument custom faceplate letterbox

Custom faceplate in Monument


Fence & Wall Letterboxes

No matter your kind of fence or wall, we have a letterbox solution for you. Choose from standard fixed depth boxes suitable for fences, or telescopic boxes suitable for deeper walls.

Australian Made Letterboxes

Find the next centerpiece of your front garden, so you can be the envy of your street!