Parcel Box & Pillar - Installation Guide

Parcel Box & Pillar - Installation Guide

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Our Parcel Box and Pillar letterbox share the same style of installation bracket, just different sizes. 

There are two forms of installation. Bolting onto a concrete slab, or cementing into the ground. Depending on which one you've ordered, follow the steps below to install your parcel box. 

Please note this is merely a guide and it is up to you how you may want to install your letterbox. 

Onto Concrete Installation

When installing onto a concrete slab, the installation bracket will be supplied already attached to the bottom of the box.

parcel box concrete installation bracket

You will need...

  • Dynabolts
  • Drill
  1. Firstly remove the bracket from the bottom of the box by unscrewing the screws in the nutserts. 
  2. Then simply bolt the two outer extensions of the bracket to the concrete or solid surface through the four pre-drilled holes in the bracket. 
  3. Place the box down onto the bracket and re-screw the screws into the nutserts to securely attach the box to the installation bracket.


Into Ground Installation

When you receive your Parcel Box or Pillar for into the ground installation, the bracket will be supplied separate due to its size. It has a base plate and four prongs that are inserted into the ground.

parcel box ground installation bracket

You will need...

  • Tools for digging (ground drill works best)
  • Quick set concrete
  • Spirit level
  1. Using the four prongs on the bracket as a guide, dig four holes in your desired installation spot, deep enough so that the bracket sits at your desired height and wide enough to comfortably fit the prongs plus concrete around them. Ideally the flat base plate will be flush with the ground. Check that it's level. 
  2. Before inserting into the ground, attach the bracket to the bottom of the parcel box by inserting the four screws into the nutserts. 
  3. Fill the four holes with quick set concrete. 
  4. Slowly place the four prongs into the four holes, ensuring the Parcel Box is level. 
  5. Wait for the concrete to set and ensure the box is stable. 


We hope you enjoy your new letterbox and encourage you to send us pictures of yours installed, we love to see our products after they leave the factory!

Of course, if at any step along the way you need help, we are just a call or an email away. We also offer installation services in the Adelaide metropolitan area, so if you're in need, get in touch for a quote today.

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