Multibank Mounting & Installation Types Guide

Multibank Mounting & Installation Types Guide

Multibanks come in all shapes and sizes, and are one of the more versatile styles of letterboxes that we make in terms of their installation capabilities. 

Multibanks are fit for purpose groups of letterboxes for multi-dwelling residential or commercial complexes, whether this be a small block of flats, a large apartment complex or a group of businesses. 

For almost any landscape or structure, there is a way you can make a group of letterboxes work. Let's go through some of the various ways in which we supply our multibank letterboxes and how they can be installed.

Post Mounted

Post mounted multibanks are by far the most common. This is because we live in a fairly spacious country, and the majority of lots have some form of ground and open land available. There are two different types of posts we can supply however. 

Into Ground

These are straight 50x50 post that can be inserted into a pre-dug hole in the ground. This hole can then be filled with concrete to secure the posts firmly in the ground. This generally provides a clean, discreet installation appearance as the cement used in the hole can easily be covered with dirt, grass or landscaping. 

post mounted into ground multibank letterboxes

Portrait, Rear Opening Classic Cream Posts in Ground Multibank

post mounted into ground multibank letterboxes black

Portrait, Front Opening Satin Black Posts in Ground Multibank

Australia Post regulations state that multibank slots need to be between 600 and 1600mm from the ground, so we design our posts to be long enough that you will have about 400mm to insert into the ground and whether your configuration is 1 box high or 6 boxes high, the slots will sit at the right height. 

Onto Concrete

The other form of post mounted installation allows you to make use of flat, solid areas like a concrete paving. Bolt to concrete posts come with mounting plates welded to the base, 200x200mm. They are suitable to be drilled through and bolted to the concrete using anchor bolts to hold the letterboxes in place. These posts will be roughly 400mm shorter than the ground ones to make sure the slots are at the right height.

multibank letterboxes posts bolted to concrete

Landscape, Front Opening Monument Posts onto Concrete Multibank

posts onto concrete multibank installation

Landscape, Rear Opening Satin White Posts onto Concrete Multibank

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted banks make use of both vertical and horizontal space to install your letterboxes. When you wall mount, your bolting the boxes to the wall through the back of the boxes, leaving the bank protruding off the wall. As long as you aren't going to block any pathways or walkways, this is a great way to install your letterboxes and is the most popular style behind post mounted. 

wall mounted multibank letterboxes satin black

Landscape, Front Opening Satin Black Wall Mounted Basic Cladding Multibank

multibank letterboxes wall mounted

Landscape, Front Opening Basalt Wall Mounted Basic Cladding Multibank

Wall mounted banks can also be paired with our advanced cladding for a robust and easy to install build. Advanced cladding comes with mounting plates on the back, so that you're bolting through 3mm plates, rather than the 1.6mm box backs.

The advanced cladding is made of 32mm SHS tube frame with an extra 3mm thick sheet on top, meaning your letterboxes are built like a tank. This is good for high vandalism risk areas.

wall mounted advanced cladding

Landscape, Front Opening Charcoal Wall Mounted Advanced Cladding Multibank

Wall mounted doesn't always mean it has to be mounted through to back to a vertical surface however. You can mount them on a horizontal surface, such as a low brick wall. For this, you would still order it like a wall mounted bank, as there are no extra fixtures required. 

wall mounted multibank

Portrait, Front Opening Satin White Wall Mounted Basic Cladding Multibank

Wall Recessed

Wall recessed multibanks are installed into a recess in a wall that doesn't open up on the rear side. This means the boxes will always be front opening. If you order your multibank to suit this installation type, we will supply a fixed flange around the front of the box. This will frame the boxes and hide the edges of the hole in the wall. 

wall recessed multibank letterboxes

Portrait, Front Opening Satin Black Wall Recessed Fixed Front Flange Multibank 

If the hole you are installing the multibank in is less than the depth of the boxes, this means the boxes would stick out of the recess. For this, we can supply a floating flange instead of a fixed one so that you can slide the flange back to be flush on the wall, and it will frame the remaining part of the box that is protruding from the wall like below image. 

wall recessed letterbox multibank floating flange

Portrait, Front Opening Ironstone Wall Recessed Floating Front Flange Multibank 

Through Wall/Fence

If the wall you're installing the multibank in is shorter in depth than the boxes, you can order your bank for a through wall installation. This includes two flanges, one fixed around the front and one floating. The fixed one will allows you to push the boxes flush with the wall or surface, and the remainder of the boxes sticks out the back of the wall. This can then be secured in place with the floating flange on the back. This all applies to installing them in a fence too, although at 2kgs per box, the bigger banks can start to get pretty heavy so it depends how strong your fence is. 

multibank letterboxes in fence

Landscape, Front Opening Monument Through Fence Floating Front Flange Multibank 

Multibank letterboxes through fence installation

Landscape, Rear Opening Satin Black Through Fence Fixed Front Flange Multibank 

 multibank letterboxes through fence installation

Landscape, Rear Opening Satin Black Through Fence Floating Rear Flange Multibank

multibank letterboxes through wall

Portrait, Rear Opening Monument Through Wall Fixed Front Flange Multibank

multibank letterboxes through wall isntallation

Portrait, Rear Opening Monument Through Wall Floating Rear Flange Multibank

Advanced Freestanding Frame

There is one other option for multibank mounting that is not available directly through the website. The advanced freestanding frame is basically advanced cladding but on posts. It is ideal for indoor installation and can be customised to suit the size of the bank it's holding. Made from 50x50 SHS tubing, the frame provides an extremely sturdy and professional look for an apartment complex's foyer or the such. If this would suit your needs, please contact us via email for a quote. 

multibank advanced freestanding frame

Portrait, Front Opening Monument Advanced Freestanding Frame Multibank

multibank advanced freestanding frame

multibank freestanding advanced frame

multibank frame advanced

No matter what, we hope we have a multibank installation type for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions or need clarification. 

We offer installation services to the Adelaide metropolitan area, and are happy to quote if you can supply the address and pictures of where and how we would install the letterboxes.

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