Which letterbox is best for me?

Which letterbox is best for me?

If you're browsing our product range and feeling a little confused as to which letterbox is best for you, not to worry, we're here to help. 

We like to keep our range simple, but even then it isn't always obvious to everyone, as letterboxes are often an afterthought when building a new house. 

Let's break it down to help you figure out which letterbox is best for you and your front yard. 

The first question to ask is what structures or landscapes do you have in your front yard. The usual suspects being a fence, a wall or open flat ground. 

Fence Letterboxes

When we say fence, we are referring to the following....

  • Tubular metal fence
  • Corrugated metal fence
  • Steel fence
  • Picket fence
  • Timber fence
  • Metal slat fence
  • Wood slat fence
  • Brush fence (consult brush fencing specialist)
  • Emu wire fence (with supportive frame built in)

None of these materials will equate to a thickness of more than 240mm, which means the best option for you is the Superior.

 superior fence letterboxsuperior metal slat fence letterbox   

If for whatever reason you have a fence but no access to the rear to collect mail, we recommend the Front Opening.

front opening letterbox

Also suitable for fences is our A3 Superior, which is a jumbo version of the standard superior built to take A3 mail. This is handy for schools and medical facilities that often receive this kind of mail. 

Wall Letterboxes

For walls of all kinds such as....

  • Brick walls
  • Rendered walls
  • Foam walls
  • Stone/masonry walls

You most likely will need a Telescopic letterbox. However this only applies if your wall is somewhere between 250mm and 470mm in thickness (a.k.a depth). If by chance your wall is 240mm or less, your best sticking with a Superior. 

If your wall is deeper than 470mm you have a few options.

  1. Purchase a Telescopic box and install the two pieces with a gap in the middle. An Installation Channel can act as good gap filler if needed. 
  2. Purchase a custom sized box from us. This isn't available on the website, so feel free to email us your required dimensions at letterboxes@heatlie.com.au and we can quote it for you. 
  3. Go with a Front Opening box and to retrieve mail from the front, meaning you don't need to worry about the letterbox spanning the entire depth of the wall. 

You will find that there are two sizes of Telescopic box, Landscape and Portrait. These two sizes feature the same height and depth, it is just the width that changes between 340mm and 240mm (for the box) respectively. Your choice here depends on how much space you want to fill, or how much you're restricted to. If installing in narrower pillars, a Portrait will usually do the trick. 

telescopic letterboxtelescopic letterbox portrait

If you're in the process of building your wall, the Installation Channel provides the perfect template to build around, leaving the perfect sized cavity for our letterboxes to slot into. 

letterbox installation channel

Wall Mountable Letterboxes

Perhaps your wall is already built, and there's no cavity and no way to cut one out? You could make use of that solid vertical space by mounting a letterbox up against the wall. If this interests you, have a look at our Top Opening letterbox. 

With pre drilled mounting holes in the back panel, it makes it easy to bolt straight into most wall surfaces. 

Customised Faceplate Fence and Wall Letterboxes

If you have a fence or a wall, but want something with a bit more flare, our customised faceplates allow you to show off your street address in style. 

Using our state of the art laser cutting machine, we can cut out a stencil of your address and the results are usually very aesthetic. 

Customised faceplates can be stuck onto both No Front Superior boxes and No Front Telescopic boxes, so there is something for everyone. 

We also offer Custom Signage Plates, i.e. laser cut address on a plate without the box or slot.

Door and front plate solutions

Sometimes, you may have an existing cavity in a wall, and don't need a whole box unit to slide into the cavity. If this is the case, you can easily cover the front and back of the cavity with any of the following options...

Cast Aluminium Plates

These are "brick-in" plates that are often seen in 60s and 70s era developments. They get mortared into a space in a brick or rendered wall.

cast aluminium letterbox plate cast aluminium rear door

Rear Door with Flange

This is a rear door, with a flange to adhere to the wall. This helps to cover up a hole on the rear side of a wall. pair this with a custom faceplate on the front for a complete unit (without an internal sleeve).  

rear door with flange

Post Mounted Letterboxes

If you have no wall or fence and your front yard is open grass, garden bed or even concrete slab, our post mounted models are perfect for you. 

As default they come with a 1300mm long post suitable for inserting into a hole in the ground. If you need a shorter post suitable to bolt to concrete, let us know. 

We offer a range of heritage style post mounted letterboxes for older or classically themed houses...

augusta freestanding letterbox cream 
grange freestanding letterbox
kooyonga freestanding letterbox green
Grange Side Mount
grange side mount letterbox
Kooyonga Side Mount
kooyonga side mount letterbox

As well as more modern designs for newer homes...

ultimo freestanding letterbox grey
Vandal Resist
vandal resist freestanding letterbox

Have an existing post?

If you don't want to fuss around with digging up an existing letterbox post, or if you have a shorter wall, you can purchase our post mounted letterbox with out the post, or as we call them Box Only. This way you can just replace the head, or install the head on its own on top of a wall or horizontal surface.

Pillars and Parcel Boxes

Also relevant for open spaced front yards, are the Pillar and the Parcel Box. 

If you like a more discreet, minimalist look, the Pillar is perfect for modern homes. 

pillar letterbox shale grey

If you're an avid online shopper and are always expecting parcels, the Parcel Box is here to help. Built tough for a secure solution to receiving parcels, you'll never have to go to the post office with a pickup card again!

parcel box letterbox

Both the Pillar and the Parcel Box have the option for an installation bracket suitable for concreting into the ground, or bolting to concrete. So no matter the surface of your front yard, we've got you sorted. 

Also, if you have a duplex, the Double Pillar is perfect!

Commercial Letterboxes

If you have a strata corporation, apartment complex or group of business sharing a property, our Multibanks provide a bulk letterbox solution to keep everyone happy.

We offer a high quality build with vandals resistant 3mm thick doors to keep prying hands out. Our Multibanks can be made to suit many different installation applications such as post mounted in the ground, post mounted onto concrete, in-wall recessed, through wall, through fences, or just plain wall mounted. 

They are customisable within our parameters in terms of configuration, sizing and mounting. 

multibank commercial letterbox

Quality Australian Made Letterboxes

So there you have it - a comprehensive range of letterboxes to suit any installations, front yard or property. We're always available to answer questions, so feel free to give us a shout!

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