Wall Letterboxes

Wall Letterboxes

Have you got a wall or fence with a pillar in front of your house? Looking to utilise the space to fit your letterbox in? Here is your comprehensive guide to the best letterboxes to suit walls and pillars. 

Wall and Pillar Types

Our letterboxes are suitable for all types of walls and pillars made from all types of materials such as...

  • Brick
  • Rendered
  • Stone
  • Foam
  • Gabion*

* With Installation Channel to keep rocks from weighing down on the box. 


We have a simple range of built in letterboxes, consisting of the Superior and the Telescopic. Superiors (as you can read about in our other blog about fence letterboxes) are best for fences since they are generally only a few millimetres thick - but they can also be used for walls. We generally gravitate towards the Telescopic for walls however, purely because walls are usually a bit deeper than the Superior can reach. 

The Superior is only 240mm deep, so if your wall or pillar is 240mm or less deep, then there is no harm in using it. If it is less than 240mm, the Superiors floating flange will seal off the edges so that the box protrudes from the wall, but still looks nice.


If your wall is 240mm or more deep, you want to focus on the Telescopic. The Telescopic is named for its ability to extend anywhere between 250mm and 470mm deep. 

The Telescopic features two pieces. One with the faceplate attached to the top, bottom and sides of the box but without the back. Then the other piece features the back door, along with top bottom and sides. The two pieces then interlock as the back piece is slightly larger than the front piece. So the front piece inserts into the back piece and they can then be riveted or bolted together at the desired depth. 

telescopic portrait

Portrait Telescopic Un-extended

Fully Extended Portrait Telescopic

Custom Letterboxes

470mm should be deep enough to cover 90% of walls and pillars across Australia, but there are always going to be exceptions. If your wall happens to be deeper than this, we can create custom sized boxes to suit. These would not be Telescopic but rather just like a Superior (one whole box) at the dimensions you desire. Please contact us for information and pricing on this.

Just take note that if your box gets too deep you may not be able to reach your mail! This is where a front opening box is best. 


If you have a apartment block or business complex that needs bulk letterboxes to serve several tenants, our Multibanks have the ability to be built into, onto or through walls. 

This can be done externally or internally depending on size of the bank and the location of studs to support. 

Wall Mounted 

Wall mounted multibanks are common as they don't require cutting a hole into a wall, which can be expensive and time consuming. They also eliminate any risk of human error in measuring said hole. 

When a multibank is wall mounted it protrudes out from the wall, but not a great deal. Our banks can be either 260mm deep or 360mm deep, so take this into consideration when planning where it will go to allow adequate space for walkways. 

Wall mounted banks can have an extra layer of cladding around the outside for a cleaner look along with better structural security. They can only be front opening for obvious reasons.

Wall Mounted Multibank Unit

Wall Recessed

This means that a hole is cut into the wall, but not entirely through to the other side. The bank will be front opening and sits in the recess for a flush, non protruding look. This is ideal when the letterboxes are being installed in a tight, non spacious area. A fixed flange is attached to the front so the edges have a clean look. 

Recessed Multibank with Flange

Through Wall

This means that a hole is cut entirely through so it's open on both sides. This is obviously only compatible with walls that are 360mm deep or less. If your wall is any deeper it will not work. We can do custom multibank sizes but again, too deep and it ruins the practicality of the boxes. 

Through wall multibanks have a fixed flange at the front, and a floating flange at the back to provide that clean, flush look.


multibank through wall installtaion
Front and back of a through wall multibank 

Pillar Letterbox

If you don't actually have a wall or pillar in your front yard, but want something that evokes a similar look and style, why not check out the Pillar Letterbox.

It is a simple, minimal and modern letterbox that gives you a pillar look with the slot and box already built in. Match it to your house through Colorbond powder coat colour and you're set.

Shale Grey Pillar

Australia's Best Wall and Pillar Letterboxes

Made from quality materials with quality workmanship right here in Australia, you can't go past Heatlie Letterboxes for a top letterbox choice. We're dedicated to working with you to find an appropriate solution and we are always open to discussing custom options if needed.

Check out our range of letterboxes here!

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