Slots and Rear Doors

Slots and Rear Doors

If you have a wall of some kind with an existing hole, usually the best way to go is to fill it with a box like a Superior or Telescopic. This isn't always the answer though as you may have an unusual size hole that these boxes won't fit in.

This is when you can take a look at our external letterbox solutions like the rear door with flange and the mail slots. These provide a way of covering a hole in a wall, turning that cavity into your mail box. Let's take a look at the two and see what you can do with them.

Mail Slots

Mail slots are extremely simple, it's just a plate with a slot in it. They come in standard size of landscape or portrait and custom can be done on request. 

It's important that the opening you have in the front of your wall is no smaller than the opening of the slot (below). 

Portrait Slot - 231w x 40h

Landscape Slot - 331w x 40h

This ensures that the slot is totally open and you won't see any wall within the slot.

You can then use the extra surrounding plate around the slot to attach the slot to the surface using a construction adhesive. 

Portrait Plate - 290w x 100h

Landscape Plate - 390w x 100h

This gives you 35mm either side and 30mm top and bottom to play with. 

This allows you to easily hide the rough edges of a cut in a wall or fence and provides obvious and easy access to a mail reception slot for the postie. 

Rear Door with Flange

For the backside of the wall, where you will retrieve your mail from, a rear door with flange can come very much in handy. Similar to the mail slot, you'll want to ensure the opening is no smaller than the door size (below).

Portrait Door - 240w x 140h

Landscape Door - 340w x 140h

The rear door has a lip on the back for the lock tongue to lock itself against. But this wont effect the size of your hole. 

The surrounding flange will give you 25mm all around to play with and similar to the slot you will want to attach this to the wall using construction adhesive. 

Congrats! Your mail cavity inside the wall is now locked away safely behind a locked door. 

Cast Aluminium Plates

These are a great option for brick walls and you've most likely seen these out and about as most every street in Australia has at least one house with these out the front. Popular in 50s and 60s builds these can be mortared into a cavity in a brick wall with ease. Available in landscape or portrait and powder coated colours. 



Mail slots and rear doors can be either stainless steel or a powder coated aluminium. As with the rest of our product range we offer standard Colorbond colours.

You can pick between a key lock with two keys or a latch lock for the rear door. 

Mail slots are standard as external rainhood, but the powder coated aluminium ones can actually be flipped around to act as an internal rainhood. The stainless ones can do this also, but the rear side of the stainless slots is kept in a mill finish appearance, so it's a bit unsightly.

Finally, custom dimensions are available for both these products, however not through the website. Please contact us directly for a quote. 

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