Powder Coat Colour Range

Powder Coat Colour Range

At Heatlie Letterboxes, we offer a wide range of powder coat colours for you to choose from when purchasing a letterbox. This allows you the freedom to find something that matches your home or business. 

Since we powder coat every letterbox to order, we don't have each letterbox in each colour available to have pictures of on the website. 

The purpose of this blog is to round up all the pictures we have of each colour, no matter which letterbox, to give you an idea of what each colour would look like. 

For colours that we don't have pictures of, there is a graphic that tries to best represent the colour under neutral lighting. 

It's just important to note that lighting has a big effect on how colours look, so take each picture as a guide and not a definite guarantee that the colour will always look like that. For example, the color below is the same, but in different weather/lighting situations it looks completely different.  

multibank wallaby letterbox basalt multibank letterbox

COLORBOND® Powdercoat Colours + Others


 basalt letterboxbasalt letterbox

Bright Silver

bright silver letterbox

Classic Cream™

 classic cream letterboxclassic cream lettterbox

Cottage Green®


Deep Ocean®

 deep ocean letterboxdeep ocean letterboxes


 Superior Dune

Evening Haze®

 evening haze letterbox Superior Evening Haze


 gully letterbox


 ironstone letterbox


 Jasper custom faceplate letterboxjasper superior


 mangrove multibank letterbox

Manor Red®

 manor red parcel box


 monument letterbox 

Night Sky® (Satin Black)

 satin black night sky letterbox

Pale Eucalypt®

 pale eucalypt letterbox 


 paperbark letterbox


Satin White

 satin white superior

Shale Grey™

 shale grey letterbox


 surfmist letterbox surfmist letterbox


 superior terrain


 wallaby letterbox


 superior wilderness


 superior windspray

Woodland Grey®

 woodland grey letterbox 

woodland grey letterbox

Quality Powder Coated Letterboxes

Hopefully this has helped you visualise what your potential letterbox powder coat could look like. Don't hesitate to call us for more information on our range of powder coats. 

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