Multibank Cladding Guide

Multibank Cladding Guide

Not sure what multibank cladding means? You're in the right place. 

Basically, cladding is an external protective layer that surrounds the entire multibank. It serves to provide the multibank with more structural security and an aesthetic appearance. There's three ways we can supply a multibank in regards to cladding, so let's go through them. 

No Cladding

This means that the letterboxes are exposed and you will see the seams between them, as well as all the external rivets and bolts that hold the bank together. By no means is it a low quality product however. 

This is recommended for any time that the bank is going into or through a wall, where the external blemishes won't be visible.  

multibank no cladding

No Cladding Corner of Multibank

As you can see above, the divide between the two boxes is visible, as well as the holes for the door pins.

Basic Cladding

This is a 1mm thick sheet that surrounds the bank on the top, bottom and sides. It will hide all the aforementioned screws, bolts, divides and holes, giving a much nicer, professional look to the bank. Basic cladding works well for post mounted banks, and multibanks installed on a wall. 

multibank basic cladding

Basic Cladding multibank corner. There will be a rivet in each corner to hold the cladding to the boxes. 

multibank with basic cladding

You can see how smooth and fresh the sides look with this basic cladding multibanks above.

Advanced Cladding

This is a 32mm square hollow tube frame that surrounds the bank, capped off by an extra 3mm sheet for in total 35mm of extra protection around your multibank. This is only needed for wall mounted banks, i.e installed onto a wall protruding out. It is super secure and vandal resistant, and looks good too.  

advanced cladding multibank

Advanced cladding multibank
multibank advanced cladding
The above pictures show the exterior tube, plus the extra 3mm sheet, completing a smooth and robust multibank.
An advanced cladding multibank will be incredibly hard to vandalise. It also comes with mounting plates on the back of the frame for easy installation onto a wall of any kind. 
multibank with advanced cladding

Which Cladding Types are Best for Which Installation Types?

Not all cladding types are best suited to all installation types. Let's go through all the different types so you know what you need. 

Post Mounted

When mounting your multibank on posts, it is recommended to have basic cladding, however no cladding is also an option. Advanced cladding doesn't work too well with posts. Basic cladding will look best and provide a bit more structural security to a multibank that is going to most likely be left out in the open, vulnerable to vandal attacks.

Wall Mounted

This means the bank is bolted onto a wall through the back of the bank. It will protrude out, off the wall rather than being recessed into it. This is best matched to advanced cladding, as it will come with handy mounting plates to bolt through, along with a sturdy frame that will hold the bank in good stead through the roughest conditions. Basic or no cladding is also acceptable, but not always recommended. Indoor multibank installation is one example where no or basic cladding works well for wall mounted banks.

Wall Recessed

This means the bank goes into a wall, but not the entire way through. The bank then slots into the hole, with front access for obvious reasons as the back is not accessible. For this, no cladding is the only option you need. Being submerged into a wall means there is no need for extra protection or better aesthetic looks as none of it can be seen or accessed.

All that is required here is a front flange for a smooth installation around the edges of the hole. 

Through Wall

This is like recessed but the hole opens up on the other side, so the multibank has its mail slots on the front, and the doors open up at the rear. Once again, there is no need for cladding here as nothing can be seen and the wall around the bank will protect it. 

Multibanks for All Situations

No matter what, we've got a multibank solution for you. We offer a solid range of customisation options so that you can pick the right bulk letterboxes for your situation. Enquire with us today for more information on multibanks or cladding, and we'll be happy to help.

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