Letterbox Numbering Guide

Letterbox Numbering Guide

Numbers are a crucial component of your letterbox. Without them the postie wouldn't be able to give you mail and visitors wouldn't find your house. 

Now obviously, you don't have to have your house number on your letterbox, a lot of people place them elsewhere, but having them smack, bang and center on your letterbox seems to be the most logical place, and avoids potential confusion for posties. 

At Heatlie Letterboxes we offer a comprehensive range of number and lettering options so that you can achieve just the right look for your letterbox, or wherever else you want to display them.

All our letterboxes feature numbers included in the price, unless you have a custom request.

All our numbers are made in house with a range of tools. We design, laser cut, assemble and powder coat all our metal numbers, and use our own vinyl printer to make the vinyl numbers to your liking.

Bolt On

Bolt on numbers are by far the most common form of numbering we sell. These are made from aluminium, powder coated in either black, gold or silver, meaning there's a stylish contrast for any colour letterbox. They are durable and look great, and there's no chance of them coming off.

They do however have a more classic style, meaning they are perfect for our heritage styled letterboxes. Our Superiors are very commonly sold with bolt on numbers, and the two of them make a great combo.

Best for: AugustaGrangeKooyonga, Superior, Telescopic, Ultimo, and Vandal Resist

Material: Powder Coated Aluminium

Colours: Black, Gold, Silver

Size: 75mm

Font: Times New Roman

Characters: 0-9, A-E , / , -

Installation:  We drill through the front faceplate of the letterbox using a template and insert the threaded rods attached to the back of the number through these holes. They are then secured with a nut on the other side.

Appearance: Raised

bolt on silver numbers
Silver Bolt On Numbers on an Evening Haze Telescopic Portrait

bolt on black letterbox numbers

Black Bolt On Numbers on a Surfmist Superior


bolt on gold superior cottage green

Superior with Bolt On Gold Numbers

Vinyl Stick On

Here at Heatlie Letterboxes we have a very handy little machine that prints out vinyl stickers to our specifications. We put your street number into our program, and it prints it out in whatever size you need (within reason), however we do use standard sizes as you see below. 

Vinyl stickers have the biggest range of colour and font selection. This gives you a couple extra options to fine tune how your letterbox looks. The vinyl will stick to the powder coat, and is very durable in the sunlight and weather. It provides a flush, smooth look, as if your letterbox faceplate was run through a printer. 

Best for:  Superior, Telescopic, Pillar, Parcel Box, Ultimo, Vandal Resist & Multibanks

Material: Heavy-duty, outdoor-rated printed vinyl

Colours: Black, Gold, Grey, Silver, White

Size: 75mm, 100mm 150mm or Custom on request within limitations. 

Font: Arial, Century Gothic, Times New Roman

Characters: Anything on a keyboard

Installation: Applied with adhesive backing 

Appearance: Smooth, printed on. 

grange side mount with black vinyl numbers

Black Vinyl Arial Numbers on a Classic Cream Side Mount Grange

gold vinyl letterbox number

Telescopic Portrait Gold Vinyl Century Gothic Numbers

Superior Vinyl Silver Arial Numbers

white vinyl letterbox numbers

Superior with White Vinyl Century Gothic Numbers


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel numbers are stuck on with a high bonding double sided tape when purchased with a letterbox from us. This makes them very durable and they look great on modern style letterboxes. They are available in larger sizes for the letterboxes that can accomodate that, so they are very visible and stand out nicely. Being that they are stainless steel though, they will only stand out on darker coloured letterboxes. They may not be very visible on a light grey or silver letterbox.

Best for: SuperiorTelescopicUltimoVandal Resist. 

Material: 304 Stainless Steel - Horizontal Brush

Size: 75mm or 150mm

Font: Arial

Characters: 0-9, A-E , /

Installation: Applied with very high bond double sided tape. 

Appearance: Raised

stainless steel stick on numbers

Stainless steel numbers in 75mm height. 

Stainless Steel number in 150mm height. 

superior letterbox with stainless steel numbers

Stainless steel 75mm high

Water Jet Cut Out

This options is only available for custom faceplates. We are able to use a computer programmed machine that cuts out precision numbers and letters. The plates can be made from either stainless steel or a powder coated aluminium. 

The choice is yours, and we design the plate to your specifications. Depending on the size of the plate, you may be able to fit both your street number and street name. You also have a choice in font and the colour of the numbers with a coloured backing plate. 

custom faceplate cut out address

Water jet cut out numbers and letters

Letterbox Numbering and Lettering

So there you have it, all our options for numbers and letters for your letterbox. It's also worth noting that we offer letters from A through to Z as well as slashes and dashes in all styles. We can sell bolt on and stainless steel numbers separately, or you can order them with your new letterbox for no extra cost. Check out all our letterbox numbering styles.

Drop in to our North Plympton showroom to check out our number styles, or check out our Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for lots of ideas and inspiration. 

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