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Keeping Your Mail Locked and Secure

As a local Australian letterbox manufacturer, we value providing Australians with high-quality lockable letterboxes and mailboxes that keep your mail safe. Our ranges include secure built-in, freestanding, and multibank letterboxes that stand proud in your front yard.

As part of our desire to help you get the best box that suits you and your home, we have created the following guide that outlines your options for a secure letterbox.

Locking your mail

One of the easiest ways to keep your mail safe is by buying a letterbox that is lockable. Heatlie Letterboxes provide two options to lock your mail; a key lock or a latch lock.

Lockable Letterboxes

The key lock comes standard with each of our letterboxes and provides you with a secure mailbox that can only be opened with a key. The lock is housed in the door which helps prevent the doors from blowing open during high winds. This option is great for keeping your letters safe from the moment you have completed installation. 


Latch Locks

If you are looking at using a combination lock for your letterbox, we recommend the latch. The latch is built to twist open and allows you to use your own lock. This option is great for you if you would prefer a combination lock – preventing you from needing to remember your keys each time you check the mail and providing you with the added security benefits of a high-security padlock. Whilst the latch works well for safety, it has the additional benefit of being able to be used without a lock if you prioritise convenience over security.

Vandal Resist Letterbox

Heatlie Letterboxes is also proud to supply a specially designed vandal resist letterbox. This features a heavy-duty galvanised steel outfit, making it tough enough to resist any tampering. It also features a lockable back door so thieves cannot reach into the box.

Other Ways to Keep your Mail Secure

Beyond keeping your letterbox locked by either a latch or key and lock, you can make sure that said locks and latches never get tested in the first place. Utilise CCTV cameras in your front yard to monitor all activities at all times of the day. With today's technology, you can receive alerts and watch your cameras from your the convenience of your phone, and even talk through a speaker on your camera.

With a dramatic rise in the use of online shopping in recent years, parcel theft has increased exponentially. You can avoid this by installing a parcel box so that your large packages aren't sitting out in the open on your doorstep.

If security is a serious issue for you, there is always the option to put up a fence across your front yard. You can then have your mailbox built into the fence with no ability to get behind and pry it open. You can choose to have a mail slot that prying fingers could not fit into.

Keeping your mail dry

Once you have your letterbox secure, the next concern is the weather. No one likes a wet letter. Letterboxes, by design, survive the harshest environments day in day out, standing in the front yard. At Heatlie Letterboxes, we endeavour to make our letterboxes tougher than any other. Unfortunately, however, one weakness all letterboxes face is water. Due to the slots and doors needed to deliver and retrieve mail, water will always find a way in. But we have the solution, to make your letterbox waterproof, the letters need to be lifted off of the base (mail is usually resistant enough against splashes of water – the problem is when it sits in pools of water and soaks through).

The Safest Letterboxes on the Market

Overall, like our letterboxes, we provide you with a wide range of choices so that there is always the right letterbox for you. Whether you want the security of locking your letterbox safely away or the convenience of simply turning a latch to access your mail, we can help you with a personalised solution. Our locks and latches come standard with all of our residential letterboxes, which can be viewed on our product pages. With high-quality Australian steel, our letterboxes stand the test of time and burglars.

Once you’ve found the style of letterbox that you like, simply give us a call and find out how we can help you.

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