Introducing the Parcel Box

Introducing the Parcel Box

The Heatlie Letterboxes Parcel Box

The most secure and convenient way to receive parcels, without the pesky trips to the post office with a pickup card!

parcel box charcoal powder coat

The Parcel Box is a long awaited and highly demanded new feature to our product range. It combines the security and quality of an Australia Post box, with the fresh modern look that Australians want in their front yard.


  • Made in Australia
  • A4 landscape slot for letters
  • Secure front opening hatch for parcels
  • Can be installed on concrete or into ground
  • Strong and sturdy build
  • Combination lock as standard
  • 50 Litre storage capacity
  • Numbers and parcel label included
  • 3mm thick powder-coated aluminium

    It features two ways to receive packages…

    1. Through the front hatch that opens up like a post box to allow a package to safely drop into the box below, without the ability to reach down further.

    2. By supplying the courier with the combination lock number, they can place larger, or fragile parcels straight into the box from behind.

    These two options combined give you the ability to receive all kinds and sizes of packages without needing to be home.

    The maximum parcel sizes that it can fit are…

    Front Hatch: 390w x 290h x 140d

    Rear Door: 375w x 380h x 275d

    Generally speaking, it can fit a standard 'wine box' in the back door. Perfect for those fragile deliveries.


    Parcel Boxes can be installed onto a concrete slab, or can be installed into the ground. Installation brackets are included with every Parcel Box.

    Bolting onto Cement

    If you need your Parcel Box to be installed onto an existing concrete slab, simply bolt the two outer extensions into the concrete with Dynabolts. Then attach the middle section of the bracket to the bottom of the box through the nutserts.

    Cementing into Ground

    For this, you will need to dig a hole the size of the box and roughly 200mm deep. Bolt the bracket to the bottom of the box, and place the bracket prongs into the hole. Fill this hole with quick set cement.

    Either way it is installed, it will be extremely sturdy and certainly won't be ripped out of the ground by a determined thief. Its 3mm thick aluminium construction makes it heavy and durable. 

    Any questions? Enquire today!

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