custom faceplate letterbox on picket fence

How to Customise Your Letterbox

Customisation Options

How boring would it be to walk down the street and every house has the same letterbox? How about we get some variation going? At Heatlie Letterboxes we believe in giving you the choice so that every letterbox turns out different. We want you to take home a letterbox that you love, one that fits the mould of what you need. That's why we offer several different areas of customisation, and rather than telling you what you need, we let you decide.

Now obviously, there's an extent to this. We still base all your customisations around a original product that we have designed and perfected the manufacturing process for. This allows us to be quicker and more efficient when making your letterbox.

Having said that, our letterboxes are still made to order and we leave no stone unturned to make sure you've got everything you want and need.

Built In Letterboxes

Built in letterboxes truly become a part of your fence or wall, so it's important that you have some agency in deciding what they look like. Our Superiors and Telescopic letterboxes have a minimalist, basic, rectangular box to begin with, that is then customised to your liking in the following ways...

Superior in Classic Cream® 


We have the ability to powder coat our aluminium letterboxes in any COLORBOND® colour you like. Our website only lists the most popular colours due to space, but if you don't see what you like, give us a call and ask what else we can do. There's a colour for pretty much every fence or wall colour out there, so you can match it up, or provide a healthy contrast to your front yard.


Everyone's house needs numbers, otherwise there would be some confused posties out there. We can provide classic looking bolted on numbers that come in silver, black or brassy gold and get bolted on by us in the factory. We also do vinyl stick on numbers for a more modern look. These also come in black, silver, gold, as well as white and charcoal grey. You can also simply not buy any numbers at all if you want. A lot of people place their numbers elsewhere on their front area instead of directly on the letterbox.

bolt on silver number

Bolt on number in silver


If you're not into the look of our Superior or Telescopic built in letterboxes, we can design custom faceplates to your liking. Generally, we have basic templates that most people pick from, but you are welcome to submit some ideas to us and we can get back to you with a drawn up plan and a quote. Our custom faceplates can be up to 700mm x 700mm and are available as stainless steel or aluminium powder coated in a colour of your choice. These letterbox faceplates often get their numbers and street names cut out with our state of the art water jet. We then place another powder coated backing plate behind the cut out to give some colour to your numbers. Once again the colour of this backing plate is up to you. Are you starting to see the trend?

Satin Black custom faceplate with water jet cut out text

Mail Slot

A small and subtle option, but nonetheless important. With our Telescopic range, you can choose between landscape or portrait mail slot. This is pretty simple, landscape is wider and will fit a piece of A4 paper at landscape length, while the portrait is narrower and will fit it at portrait length. Both will still be able to fit an A4 piece of paper laying flat in the bottom of their boxes. Unfortunately, the Superior is only available as landscape at this stage. 


Keeping your mail secure is of high importance. Mailboxes are top targets for cheap thieves who want a quick jackpot. That's why it's important to keep your letterbox secure. If yours is out on the street and in public view, it would be best for you to get a lock. However some people have their letterboxes behind locked gates or walls, therefore a key may not be all that necessary. In this instance, a simple latch is all you'd need to make fetching the mail that bit easier. 

Freestanding Letterboxes

Freestanding letterboxes follow most of the same customisation options as the built in letterboxes. You can pick your colour, numbers and security options freely. Custom faceplates aren't as popular for freestanding, but it could suit one like the Ultimo. For a but of extra pizazz you could attach a stainless steel faceplate with cut out numbers to the front, with the letterbox itself replacing the need for a backing plate. There's a couple of personalisation options that are exclusive to freestanding letterboxes though...


The Kooyonga and the Grange can both be converted to a side mount, meaning their letterbox head is mounted hanging off the side of the post, rather than sitting atop it. It's a purely personal preference, there's not much else to it.  

Kooyonga in Woodland Grey Top Mount

 grange side mount

Kooyonga Side Mount

Additional extras

Freestanding letterboxes can have a mail ring attached for catalogues and other junk mail. Also on a side note, numbers are generally bolted on for the classic freestanding mailboxes, because their style matches a lot better, hence our website only offers the option to buy bolt on numbers with the Kooyonga, Grange and Augusta. The Ultimo and Vandal Resist would be better suited to a vinyl sticker style. 


Our commercial letterbox options are our specialty, and the customisation options are second to none. We've provided multibanks for apartment blocks, business complexes and strata corporations all over Australia. Every single one looks different to the last. Let's have a look at how you can personalise your new multibank of letterboxes. 

Rear opening multibank on posts in ground

Mail Slot Orientation

Similar to the Telescopic boxes, you can pick between landscape or portrait mail slots. When you've got 50+ mail boxes all together in one wall, space matters, so that's where a portrait orientation might suit you better. However if you have room to play, why not sprawl out with some landscape boxes. 


I'd love to say there's no limit to how many mailboxes can go in a multibank, but unfortunately due to weight, there is. This still doesn't stop you from ordering multiple seperate banks to make up the amount you need. We generally don't go higher than 6 boxes, because beyond that, they won't be reachable by normal sized humans. Pick from 1x2 boxes to 6x10, it's up to you. 


Our multibank numbers are generally a vinyl stick on in a contrasting colour. They can be 25, 15 or 10mm high and either center or left aligned. 

Rear opening multibank on posts in the ground

Front or Rear Opening

Unlike our other letterboxes, our multibanks can be set as either front or rear opening. This decision depends on where you're placing the bank. Obviously if you're installing it on a wall, it needs to be front opening, but maybe it's inside a wall and can be accessed from the other side? This means a rear opening set might do the trick. This has a big impact on the aesthetic appeal of the bank, with rear openers often looking far cleaner and prettier without the locks on the front. 


Not much else to say here. Similar to the other letterboxes, we can powder coat your multibank in any COLORBOND® colour. 


Multibanks are unique in their diversity of installation options. You can install yours on posts bolted onto concrete, on posts into the ground, bolted onto a wall and protruding out, or built into a recess in the wall. All require a bit of a different build, so it's important you make your mind up before purchasing. 

Your one stop shop for your dream letterbox

That about covers it. We offer as much customisation as possible so that you have flexibility. Undoubtedly there will still be questions that need answering, that's why we're always available to take your call, or we can help you out over email or Facebook messenger. 

Get out there, check out our range of letterboxes and customise away!

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