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How to Care for Your Letterbox

At Heatlie Letterboxes, we design and manufacture all our letterboxes to withstand the rigours of the harsh Australian climate. When you buy Australian Made, you know you're buying a product that is made by locals, for locals, giving you peace of mind that your purchase can last decades without fault. That being said, there are still some steps you can take to ensure the longevity of your letterbox.

The three biggest threats to your letterbox


Rain, hail or shine, your letterbox will still be there when the postie comes around to deliver. As you can imagine though, a constant pounding of rain and wind can be detrimental to almost anything. Luckily though, powder-coated materials, as well as stainless steel, will resist the moisture from rain, which will stop the likelihood of rust.

However, you’ll likely never be able to completely stop rain from entering the letterbox since since you need an open mail slot. Our letterboxes are designed to minimise the water entry as much as possible with the downwards facing flap that water will runoff.

Corrosive Atmosphere

This can include the salty sea air by the ocean, as well as exhaust fumes on a busy main road or near industrial areas. All it takes is one little nick in the metal and the corrosives in the air can settle in and cause rusty chaos. If you're in a position such as this, you'll want a stainless steel or aluminium letterbox for ultimate protection.

UV Sunlight

It may not always be avoidable, but try your best to place your letterbox in a shady area. Australia’s harsh sunlight, especially in summer, can gradually wear away at the paint or the powder coat. This shouldn't happen for many decades however.

How to clean

To avoid long-term damage, you should give your letterbox a quick spruce up about twice a year. Polishing it with car polish or wax will help to protect the finish from sunlight and corrosives, as well as keeping it looking shiny and presentable. If you have exposed hinges, you can also use some WD40 on the hinges to keep them from squeaking when you open the flap.

It’s important to keep the entire letterbox clear of particles like dust, dirt, cobwebs, and moisture. Simply giving it a gentle wipe down with a cloth every now and then will help keep your letterbox in tip-top shape.


Locks should be lubricated every 6 months to ensure they keep working freely. You can use WD-40 or a graphite spray to do this. 

To sum up

An Australian Made letterbox from Heatlie Letterboxes will naturally last you as long as you need it to, however it can't hurt to maintain it so that it keeps its stylish look. Make sure to monitor the state of your letterbox and give it a gentle wipe down a couple of times a year to remove dust, dirt, and anything else that will build up on or inside it., and your mail will have a safe home for many years.

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