A Guide to Freestanding Letterboxes

  • by Daniel Wood

As the most common form of letterboxes, freestanding letterboxes are the staple of any front yard. With a multitude of designs and customisation options available from Heatlie Letterboxes, you can have your front yard beaming with style in no time. Here is an overview of our range of freestanding letterboxes available to you, all made right in here in our North Plympton factory.

Aluminium Freestanding Letterboxes


The Kooyonga embodies a classical style to match any Australian front yard. Made from durable aluminium, it can be situated on the post in several different ways. You can have it side-mounted or top-mounted on the post. Choose between a latch or a lock on the back for extra customisation.


Similar to the Kooyonga, the Grange is an aluminium, classical style letterbox. With a side mount or top mount, there's a Grange for everybody. The Grange includes a lock for added peace of mind that your mail is safe. With a separate cylinder for junk mail, you can keep the important stuff away from the junk.


The Augusta is yet another classic look, similar to the Kooyonga with its pitched roof, and top and side mount. Made from aluminium like the Grange, the Augusta combines classic design and durability for another great option for your front yard.


The Horizontal Pillar letterbox is a perfect complement to a new build or recently built home. With sleek, straight edges and an overall minimalist design, this will look modern and in trend for years and years to come. It's made from aluminium so there's no risk of rusting or corrosion and it's easy to keep clean to retain the style.


For a modern letterbox sitting atop a post, look no further than the Ultimo. With a similarly minimalist design like the Pillar, the Ultimo keeps things simple and straight. Also aluminium, the Ultimo will last for decades in your modern front yard.

Vandal Resist

The Vandal Resist is an extra strength, high security letterbox that will be useful if you've had troubles with letterbox vandalism and theft in the past. It's built from galvanized steel for a heavy duty outfit, and features a an anti theft mail slot that prevents hands from reaching in. 

vandal resist surfmist

Vandal Resist in Satin Black

Custom Freestanding Letterboxes

If our range of quality freestanding letterboxes doesn't tickle your fancy, give us a call and see what we can do for you. We have the ability to custom design a letterbox to your liking, and then manufacture it on site. For more information on each letterbox, check out our product range.

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