Commercial Letterbox Guide

Commercial Letterbox Guide

In need of a commercial letterbox solution for your business or commercial enterprise? Our letterboxes are good for more than just residential or domestic use. Commercial use often demands higher quantities, quality and durability due to more frequent use and exposure to the public (vandals). Let's have a look through our product range to see which of our letterboxes are most suitable for this kind of application.


The classic Superior, often seen in residential fences and walls, is also a very viable letterbox option for a business. In industrial areas, many business have metal tube fences protecting their premises along the front of the property, making them perfectly suitable for a Superior to be installed into. This gives you secure rear access behind a locked fence or gate, with the ability to customise colour and numbering for business labels. 

 superior commercial letterbox in fence

Superior - Satin Black - Installed in metal tubular fence

Vandal Resist

If your business has the space out front for a post mounted singular letterbox, our suggestion would be the Vandal Resist. As the name suggests, it's built tough to withstand the rigours of being exposed to the public. It's built from galvanised steel, rather than aluminium, making it stronger and tougher to bend or vandalise. The rear door is extremely thick and tight to open by design. Installed on a galv 50x50 post cemented in the ground, this letterbox isn't going anywhere. 

 vandal resist commercial letterbox

Vandal Resist - Satin Black - Installed into the ground

Parcel Box

Most businesses can expect to receive parcels and packages on the daily, so a Parcel Box can be a fantastic investment for most any business. They create a more efficient delivery system for the postie meaning they don't have to enter your premises every time. Aus Post always prefers curb side delivery over having to hand deliver inside. You can also give the courier your combination code so they can safely place fragile packages directly into the back door rather than dropping them down the chute. They are also very secure to store your packages during the day or over the weekend. Made entirely from 3mm thick aluminium, with a combination lock and large front chute, the Parcel Box is a top option for a commercial letterbox.

parcel box commercial letterbox

Parcel Box - Woodland Grey

Double Pillar

If your business is a part of a complex of multiple business, these next two options are for you. The Double Pillar is perfect for two businesses who want to share a letterbox. With two separate compartments, each business can still have its own private box, but you'll save space by keeping it all in one freestanding unit, the same size a singular slot Pillar. 

double pillar commercial letterbox

Double Pillar - Shale Grey


Multibanks are always going to be the most applicable commercial letterbox solution. Often we see business complexes with multiple units, sometimes 4-5 or more businesses on one property, which is where a multibank really comes in handy. Much like our BBQs, our multibanks are built for commercial use, with thick vandal resistant doors, a durable build and a modern aesthetic look. 

With a wealth of customisation options, there is a configuration to suit any application. Choose from post mounted in the ground, post mounted bolted to concrete, wall mounted, or even built into a fence or wall. 

Included in the purchase of multibanks are the vinyl labels too. Each business can label its own box with its business name that we will apply in factory, and there will be ample room for others to apply their own branding or labels after wards. 

Address Signage Plates are also a fantastic way to make the overall address of the complex obvious and visible, with sub-addresses like unit numbers and business numbers on the boxes themselves. 

multibank commercial letterbox in fence multibank commercial letterbox posts in ground
multibank commercial letterbox with signage plate multibank commercial letterbox with signage plate
multibank commercial letterbox wall mounted
Multibanks for commercial applications

Multibank - Advanced Freestanding Frame

To suffix multibanks, we offer a special advanced freestanding frame that is ideal for businesses. It works best for indoor multibank installations, as it provides a cleaner, more professional look and is easily bolted to a hard floor surface. It has a durable 50x50 frame in which the boxes are built into. Not available on the website as of yet, so contact us for more detail and a quote on this. 
multibank commercial letterbox with advanced freestanind frame multibank commercial letterbox with advanced freestaning frame
multibank commercial letterbox with advanced freestaning frame
Multibank with advanced freestanding frame

Vinyl Labels

As mentioned above, we can supply customised vinyl labelling for letterboxes. Our vinyl labels can say basically whatever you want them to say, so business names are perfect for this. They are included in the purchase a new letterbox, and can be bought separately to attach to any smooth surface.

We also sell replacement vinyl strips for the older style multibank doors, see below...

Multibank Vinyl Strip

Replacement Doors

For older style multibank doors like pictured below, we can supply and install replacements of this same style. These are often seen at commercial complexes and often get damaged due to their thinner makeup.

old style multibank door  old style multibank door

Old style multibank doors with vinyl number strip

Commercial Letterboxes Built to Last

There you have it, a comprehensive range of letterboxes that are well suited to the rigours and demands of commercial use. For more information, or if you'd like something custom, contact us at 

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