Classic vs Modern Letterboxes

Classic vs Modern Letterboxes

At Heatlie Letterboxes, we have the benefit of a diverse product range that encompasses both classic and modern designs. Most people try to match their letterbox style with their house as they together set the mood for the first impression of any house. 

Classic Letterboxes

By classic we mean a more heritage based design. This often includes decorative scrolls, irregularly shaped heads, post mounted structure and newspaper tubes. 

This includes the Augusta, Grange and Kooyonga all pictured below. Despite modern architecture matching our modern range of letterboxes far better, these classic styles are still very popular, at least enough to keep them in our product range. 

At lot of this is due to Australia's aging suburbs, with many well kept vintage homes still filling inner suburban streets in cities all over the country. 

augusta classic letterbox

Augusta Primrose

grange classic letterbox

Grange Deep Ocean

kooyonga side mount classic letterbox

Kooyonga Side Mount Woodland Grey 

Modern Letterboxes

Our modern designs all follow a similar trend. Straight, square lines, rectangles and an overall minimalist ethos. This lets the colours and the numbers do the talking, and doesn't distract from your house too much. 

Our modern designs include the Superior, Telescopic, Pillar, Parcel Box, Ultimo and Vandal Resist. These continue to grow in popularity and will always look good, even in front of older houses. 

With new developments booming right now, it's hard to walk down any street and not see a new house being built. This is where our modern range comes to play. 

Pillar Shale Grey
ultimo modern letterbox ironstone
Ultimo Ironstone
vandal resist freestanding modern letterbox surfmist
Vandal Resist Surfmist
parcel box charcoal
Parcel Box Charcoal
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