A Guide to Built-In Letterboxes

  • by Daniel Wood

Built-in letterboxes, also known as wall or fence letterboxes, are extremely common on the streets of Australia's suburbs. Basically anyone with a fence or wall in their front yard takes advantage of the ability to build their letterbox into it.

This makes sense, as it saves space that a freestanding letterbox would otherwise take up, it looks good when the letterbox perfectly matches with the fence or wall and they're always going to be easy for the postie to access. 

Heatlie Letterboxes has a small, but quality range of built-in letterboxes to offer you, each suiting different needs. Here's a breakdown. 

Fence Letterboxes

For a letterbox that fits perfectly in most any kind of fence, the Superior is the way to go. It's designed to be a standard proportions that will accept A4 sized mail at landscape width. It then has enough space in its interior to allow that A4 mail to lay flat, preventing damage and folding to potentially delicate mail. The box at the rear won't protrude so far out of your fence that it looks ridiculous either. 

classic cream superior in picket fence

Classic Cream Superior in Wood Picket Fence

The faceplate is slim, sleek and minimal in design. When powder coated to match  the colour of your fence,it  blends in so well you hardly notice it's there. With a nice set of numbers on the front in an aesthetically contrasting colour, your Superior letterbox will look the part. 

The Superior can be installed in pretty much any material or make of fence including...

  • Wood Picket
  • Wood Slat
  • Metal Tubular
  • Metal Slat
  • Metal Sheet
  • Brush
  • PVC

The Superior is held in place with a rear brace that secures on the other side of the fence. Its dimensions are 340W x 140H x 240D for the box, with the brace being an extra 50mm wider and higher. 

black superior in brush fence

Black Superior in Brush Fence

Woodland Grey Superior in Metal Tubular Fence

Woodland Grey Metal Tubular Fence

Woodland Grey Superior in Metal Tubular Fence Rear

Woodland Grey Superior in Metal Tubular Fence Rear

Wall Letterboxes

When it comes to installing a letterbox into a wall, the Superior may not always be deep enough. Some brick walls can be up to 470mm in depth, which is where the Telescopic comes into play.

The Telescopic letterbox is designed to be more flexible when it comes to the depth of the letterbox. It features the same width and height as the Superior, however it has the ability to extend its depth anywhere between 250mm and 470mm. This way, as long as your wall is anywhere between these two depths, (you'd be hard pressed to find one that isn't) the Telescopic can be adjusted to fit. 

It works by having a sleeve type box that fits around the outside of a slightly smaller inner box, and they slide together to be bolted at the desired depth. 

Silver Telescopic Landscape Extended

Silver Telescopic Landscape Extended

Telescopic built-in letterboxes can be installed in any kind of wall including...

Unlike the Superior, the Telescopic is available in two sizes, portrait or landscape. Landscape is the same as the Superior, accepting mail at A4 landscape width, while the portrait can fit A4 mail at portrait width. This makes the portrait a narrower box, which is perfect if you have less space. 

Terrain Telescopic Portrait Extended

Terrain Telescopic Portrait Extended

No Front Letterboxes and Custom Faceplates

The last kind of built-in letterbox we offer is the no front. This basically just means either a Superior or Telescopic portrait or landscape, with the front faceplate taken off. Resulting in a letterbox with the front being open. You might ask, why would you want this? To go with a custom faceplate.

No Front Landscape Letterbox

Landscape No Front Telescopic Letterbox

If you don't love the style of the faceplate for the regular Superior or Telescopic, a custom faceplate might be more your vibe. Based on your requests, we manufacture custom designs on either stainless steel or a powder coated aluminium plate. This plate can feature your street name, number or pretty much anything else you want.

Stainless Steel Custom Faceplate

Stainless Steel Custom Faceplate

We cut out your design on the plate and then stick a coloured backing plate on the back so your design stands out. This full custom faceplate is then stuck onto your no front box. All you have to do then is slide the box into the cavity in your wall or fence and secure it in place.

You can also attach a standardly sized stainless steel faceplate to a Superior box, if the sizing is to your liking. 

These boxes are suitable for all the types of walls and fences listed above. 

Heatlie Letterboxes Built-In Range

Like previously mentioned, our range at this time is more about quality than quantity, but we are hoping to expand into some more designs over the coming months. Until then, the Superior, Telescopic and the ability to attach custom faceplates certainly covers all bases. 

Check out our range here and select your colour, street number and size. Give us a call if you have any questions, we're here to help!


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    Unforntatnley we do not have brass or copper inserts at this stage, however, if you can email us at letterboxes@heatlie.com.au explaining what you need and we can potentially do something custom for you.


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  • do you make any letter box inserts in copper or brass colours

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