Our Favourite Letterbox and House Combinations

  • by Daniel Wood

Here at Heatlie Letterboxes, we've seen our fair share of houses and it's no exaggeration to say that the letterbox is an important piece in any front yard. Letterboxes help to accompany other front yard accessories, along with complimenting the house itself whether it's through the colours, shape or design. 

Here are 8 of the best house and letterbox combinations that we've seen over our years of installing letterboxes. 

Built In Letterboxes

This is a fairly unique one, as it uses a special kind of weathering steel, most commonly known as corten steel. Basically, it starts out looking like normal steel but is designed to begin rusting gradually as it is exposed to weather. It reaches its final form once the rust has covered the entire plate and is a beautiful dark brown/red colour. 

As you can see in this one below, the owner of this house chose to subtly match the colour of the soffit to the colour of the letterbox. It a nice touch and brings together the other elements of the house, bringing a nice rustic vibe to an otherwise beautiful modern house. 

40 winchester corten steel faceplate


This is a great example of having multiple letterboxes for a set of houses on one block. Instead of having a space consuming multibank, these people utilised their rendered wall to install three Superior letterboxes. The black matches the black fence perfectly and stands in good contrast to the white wall and house. You'll notice that the colours matches the trims on the house, such as the drainpipe and front door. These small details help to pull the look of the house together.

black superiors on white wall


Who doesn't love a house with big open windows at the front. Even better is when the custom faceplate for the letterbox matches everything perfectly. It is common to match your letterbox with your garage door colour, and in this case all the colours blend and contrast well with the white and the sandstone brick. 

custom faceplate in front of house


This is a fantastic example of modern combined with classic, and proves that they don't have to be two seperate distinctions. We've got a stainless steel custom faceplate with a black backing plate to match the fence. The house retains a classic style of architecture but is obviously well kept and impeccably clean, which goes a long way when matching it with a modern style letterbox. 

stainless steel custom faceplate in front of house


An older style house that gets points purely for their dedication to the Superior in a heritage green colour. Letterbox, fence, roof trim, awnings and front door all the same colour - power to them. 

green letterbox and green fence

Freestanding Letterboxes

This might be our favourite to be honest. The house is simply stunning with a beautiful use of white and large open windows for a heap of natural light. It was a no brainer to go with a pearl white letterbox, and the shape and size of the horizontal pillar match the house's straight lines and rectangular shape as well. The pink and white flowers are a nice touch too. 

white letterbox white house


Another horizontal pillar, because let's be honest, they always look great. Something about their design is so simplistic yet so modern. It's their neutrality that helps them accompany pretty much any modern home with ease. 

horizontal pillar letterbox in front of house

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